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                           (The Deulen Jig)

            Sharpens and Hones Jointer & Planer Knives     Patent Pending
 Sharpens disposable knives with double edges and index holes

                                                      Plus, it removes nasty nicks too!

                     The Finest Hardwoods Masterly Crafted

  • No measuring or angle adjustments.
  • No downtime waiting for knives sent out. 
  • No transportation costs driving to and from the sharpening center
  • Sharper knives reduce power consumption, wear and tear on machinery
  • Sharper knives leave a smoother finish with less wood grain tear-out, or burning
  • Free sharpening for the rest of your life
  • Add all of these benefits up then ask 
    Why would you sharpen your Jointer or Planer knives any other way?

Deulen   6” Jointer/Planer Knife Sharpening Jig
  • For knives up to 8” long

6” Jointer/Planer Knife Sharpening Jig with Six-Pak Lapping Plate Sandpaper
Deulen  12” Jointer/Planer Knife Sharpening Jig
  • For knives from 6" to 15” long
  • For knives longer than 16" requires two jigs put end to end

12” Jointer/Planer Knife Sharpening Jig with Six-Pak Lapping Plate Sandpaper

Deulen   Six-Pak Lapping Plate sandpaper
  • Six self-adhesive sandpaper grits 2-3/4” x 18”
  • 120, 150,180, 220, 320, 400 grit  
  • Replacement sandpaper for Lapping plate below
  • Can be used on any flat surface
Deulen  Lapping plate
  • Provides a perfectly flat surface for sharpening
  • Three different grits on each side (6) total 
  •  Its compact size (8-1/2” x 18”) stores easily
  •  Handles a large variety of sanding jobs 
  • I use mine daily for sanding many different wood and metal projects.



The New Mini-Me
Deulen Sharpening Jig
Sharpens 2-5/8” to 3-1/4” Electric Hand Planer knives


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